minimalism challenge day 8

  1. a lot of running bibs – lots of sentimental value, maybe I will regret it later, I kept this forever, but whatever
  2. running competition certificates – whatever
  3. university fee receipts – university is super expensive

I cleared out most of my “important” documents. What is left are my high school exam certs, a school report, and various university letters, some IDs.

5 books:

  1. the philosopher’s handbook (rosen)
  2. digital dice (nahin) – computational solutions to practical probability problems – zzz…
  3. how to calculate quickly (sticker) – someone’s last name is called sticker?
  4. dictionary of statistics (oxford) – why buy dictionaries anyway – have you not heard of the internet?
  5. the art of thinking clearly (dobelli) – nobody needs to tell me how to think