back to bach 1

As much as I want to start to work on the Goldbergs first, they are way beyond my level even though I have played piano for years when I was a child. And I want to seriously progress in the keyboard now, so I will do my best to tread carefully and intelligently.

Let’s start with Bach’s 2-part inventions. And the easier ones first.

The ones that I can play HT (hands together) slightly fluently together are no.1 in C, no. 8 in F, and no. 13 in a.

Difficulties that I have with these pieces (which probably will be true for all the Bach pieces):

  • counterpoint (to play different voices convincingly and beautifully on the same instrument, e.g. left hand for one voice, right hand for another, unlike many other pieces which only require the left hand to be an accompani·ment to the right hand)
  • the many modulations which mean the main key of the piece changes a lot, so a lot of accidentals come and go, which may be frustrating at times
  • awkward fingering: unlike other composers who are more pianist composers like Chopin, a lot of Bach’s keyboard music has very awkward moments for fingers
  • ideas are dense and there is not much room for error
  • there is also not much room to rest too, e.g. one of the Bach’s pieces has triplets on the RH throughout almost the whole piece (WTC I’s d minor prelude)

I need to master and memorise these first three pieces before I feel comfortable to move on from them. This will take effort and time.


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