back to bach 0

I am now obsessed with J S Bach’s music.

When I was teenager, I was obsessed with classical music, and would spend all my allowance money on boxes of classical music. But somehow things got in the way and throughout the transition to adulthood (I can’t say I am a full adult yet, I am always childish) I forgot about classical music. Pop and country music somehow dominated my mind whenever music was ever involved with my life.

Anyways, I have decided that maybe my next blog posts will be about my journey back to classical music, especially Bach’s music. I play the piano, so I will focus on his keyboard works first. Like the Well-tempered Clavier, Inventions & Sinfonias, Partitas, French Suites and so on.

Few things that help me with this journey:

  • Yamaha electronic keyboard (unfortunately I do not have the resources for a Steinway, although I have the fortune to practice on one for a few years, years ago, but this electronic keyboard will be sufficient especially the touch is in fact quite similar to a real one – the keys are fully weighted)
  • Spotify (subscribing to Spotify means that I have the whole library of classical music in my hands; how times have changed)

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