I feel pained whenever I catch myself blatantly telling a lie to someone else. And I did yesterday when my neighbour asked me how the winter was for me.

I blurted some detail as a reply that was an outright lie. My neighbour might have sensed that it was a lie. I definitely knew it was a lie. It was not some innocent reply like “it was okay”. Anyways I added so much detail to that answer as if to compensate for something.

Doesn’t matter what I said. I lied and I added way too much detail that makes no sense. I could have just said the winter was ok. But I blabbled to fill the silence and those blabbles were lies.

What is wrong with me…

Human nature.

Maybe that is why I don’t talk much with other people. It’s because all we do is tell lies unless we talk about some abstract thing like mathematics. I have a feeling that we all tell lies because we inherently do not accept imperfection yet we, undoubtly, are.

I way around this is to either accept your imperfections (though my hypothesis is that we inherently cannot) or just accept that we tell lies. Is there another option?


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