minimalism challenge day 7

I realise the last post was a bit dark.

I decided to open up my “important” papers cabinet file thingy and see what things I can throw away. I bet everything in it isn’t important – well, nothing is important anyways – they are mostly receipts and things of sentimental value.

Let’s have a look, shall we.

There are various labels in this cabinet files: *name of my university*, *running*, *personal*, *work*, *receipts*, *health*, *certificate*.

I will just take EVERYTHING out. Here goes nothing…First thing I can throw away is this filer thingy – I don’t know the proper name for this thing that keeps papers and has different… and looks like an accordion. Doesn’t matter – it has collected a lot of dust – I am sure it has a lot of utility left, but I don’t care it’s GONE!

  1. accordion file thingy

6 more to go. Lots of business cards – they can definitely go away.

  1. various business cards
  2. various medical records, immunisation record
  3. various receipts from shopping in Romania – no need to keep those
  4. various receipts from shopping in Hungary – no need to keep those
  5. gamescom ticket 2011 – a ticket to gamescom, I went there to meet a few people online, which was super awkward
  6. a lot of oyster cards – four in total, I am not going back to the UK ever again, so what’s the point of keeping these.

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