minimalism challenge day 6

  1. Pair of blue shorts that are obviously cheaply made and its dye is leaking whenever I wash them – it’s leaking to the white rope that tightens the waist.

I cannot think of anything to throw away at the moment. Maybe a pair of shoes. Or two. Or three. Some books I never read, but bought because – why? I don’t know but I will keep for sure one. Or two. Or three.

This seeming freedom to choose is giving me a lot of angst. This anxiety is killing me slowly, chipping me little by little, but not fast enough.

I will go out and get something sorted at the bank, get some food, and hopefully I can sort everything out (I doubt it) when I get back.


I am back. I was not able to get rice and soy sauce. I was carrying too much.

1 + 1 = 2

I am just trying out latex on wordpress to see if it works. I note that it is not aesthetically pleasing here since the background is offwhite… Okay it is simple to type out the code for 1 + 1 = 2. But for something more complex like integrals, I wonder if there is an easier way to write it and then via a software convert into the latex code for wordpress. Why? I just like simple mathematical proofs, and there is a list of them that I want to include in this blog. Maybe. I am already stuck at understanding the proof that \pi is irrational.

Apparently to safely dispose of an old credit card, you need a magnet to demagnetise the magnetic strip… seriously?! I will just cut it up in pieces and then throw them away in several goes.

  1. Old credit card
  2. Old credit card
  3. Asia miles card
  4. British Airways card

Cards are just a scam for you to spend more, and I doubt I ever saved any money from those air miles cards.

  1. Interational driving permit that expired

I don’t really like driving anyways. I just ate a bag of candy and a box of biscuits in succession. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel that bad either.

Ok. Why do I do things that I know is bad for me but I do them anyways? It is hard to see the long-term consequences. And what are they? We are all going die anyways. That is just a hypothesis, because when you want your life to end, and it doesn’t, sometimes you feel that you will never die and are immortal.


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