minimalism challenge day 5

I just realised I bought laundry detergent sans parfum ni colorant. I intitally just bought it because I like its white design (rather than the hideous orange/blue Tide ones). I don’t see why I should not start buying cleaning products without unnecessary colors and perfumes from now on since I am adopting minimalism – this is not going too far, plus it might do some good for the environment and myself.

Also, I have three bottles of perfume that I am reluctant to throw away because they were expensive, but I rarely use them anymore – I could spray into the detergent – which would kind of defeat the purpose of sans parfum, but at least my perfume actually smells nice. And it helps me make use of them. 2 birds one stone kind of thing. My life is such a bore.

  1. Eye dropper
  2. Eye dropper
  3. Eye dropper
  4. Lacoste loyalty card
  5. Indigo loyalty card

Eye drops – ever since I had lasik, my eyes became really dry – and I have a feeling that is why my eyesight is still so terrible. But of course they never work – it only soothes and hydrates for the moment the drops touch your eyes and then after a while – dry again!

The loyalty cards – I never shop anymore unless out of necessity. And those cards do not have my identity information – I think, so it is easy to throw away. Expired credit cards take more effort – you’d be paranoid that people would somehow make use of it so you would have to cut it up in tiny pieces and throw them in stages.


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