minimalism challenge day 2

Two items to throw away today. I’ll remain with items in the kitchen – and then if I cannot find anything to throw away in the kitchen, I will move on to the bathroom.

  1. Splatter screen thing for frying things – to prevent oil getting everywhere when frying. Actually, it barely prevents oil getting everywhere. I found that using a solid lid that are used for pots are much more effective.
  2. Some red tea given to me that I never liked. I even tried using it in a bath. It’s a lost cause. Bye.

Did you know cicadas only come out from underground to breed every 13 or 17 years? I don’t remember seeing any cicadas where I live, but I only know about this after looking into prime numbers. Apparently the cicadas use a prime number year cycle because this makes it less likely for it to coincide with – well each other – and predator life cycles. Apparently. And if the 13-year and 17-year cicadas do spring up at the same time it will mess up everything.


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