30-day minimalism challenge

Spurred on by a post in reddit, I decided to do a 30-day minimalism challenge in order to declutter the living space around me.

The idea is simple. On the first day, throw one thing away. On the second day, throw two things away. And so on…

1 + 2 + 3 + … + 30 = 465 things in total

I have many things in my home right now, so that shouldn’t be impossible.

In a foreign language class, we were discussing about a man whose life was a mess – no job, no friends, he was stupid with no hobbies, basically the worst life ever – and the teacher asked us to describe how we would get him out of this mess. One of our classmates said that he should clean and tidy his home first – he said that the state of one’s home is a very good representation of the state of one’s life. I don’t know if I do agree about that, but he seemed to be a reasonable guy, and something about it rung true.

Since April is coming up tomorrow, and April has 30 days, I say it is an apt month to do this challenge.