there is something about the night sky

Or just the thought of it that makes life interesting.

Is it the sense of adventure that it gives?

The idea that there is more than the things we already know?


My attempt to draw a night sky. The faint yellow circle is the moon. The small dots are the stars. The black blocks are buildings of a city that I live in. And the yellow rectangle is the light from my humble home.

This drawing is not entirely accurate: for one, the building I live in is not the tallest in the city, though I would like to think that way. And I rarely see the stars, maybe due to the smog and smoke a city generates. Or maybe because I never go out and actually look at the sky. But from this perspective of my drawing, there are bodies of light far, far away from us, that we see as specks of hope.

I guess I am more of a night person than a morning person. I do like sunlight, it makes me look less pale and I feel happier in the sunshine, but does that just mean happiness is a distraction to the truth and true adventure?

I digress.


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